Geoff Miller was absolutely fantastic, what a gentleman and a great speaker, very entertaining. I hope Geoff was happy with the hospitality afforded him and the overnight accommodation was ok for him.

Tony Woodworth

Our evening was a great success :) Geoff Miller was excellent so funny. Please thank Geoff so much for helping us in a difficult situation

Jason Forskitt

Saturday was superb , Geoff is hands down one of the best speakers I have ever used , even for non-cricketers his stories were entertaining. He was a real gentleman with everybody.

Ashcombe Park Cricket Club

He was absolutely brilliant, he held the whole 500 in the palm of his hand, and raised our spirits. He also gave us 2 presents which we auctioned. I'll write to him

Angus Irvine

He was just superb! I only wish he could have spoken for longer but with such a jam packed afternoon it wasn't possible. He had the whole marquee in stitches and I wouldn't hesitate to either ask him again one day if I get the chance and recommend him to others.

Lucy Yates

Our Dinner last night was very successful and in no small way your speech, which was excellent, was the icing on the cake. I have organized (and attended) more of these events than I care to remember and I have to say there are not many speakers out there that can hold a room as you did last night. As you know, there were a number of overseas guests, who had no idea about the game of cricket, but were laughing as much as the audience! So, Geoff, thank you so much for being such an entertaining speaker and your input into make it the success it so obviously was.


Geoff was absolutely brilliant that night. He had all 179 delegates crying with laughter! After an extremely intense day of corporate strategy, figures, slides and presentations, Geoff’s talk after the dinner was the perfect round-up to the day and everyone left on a real high. He was absolutely excellent and every single delegate I spoke to in the bar after the dinner agreed that he was exactly right in tone, humour and friendliness for our audience. My eyes were streaming from start to finish with his hilarious anecdotes!


Sadly, I missed saying goodbye to you after the dinner. This is just to tell you how much we all enjoyed having you at the dinner last night. It was exactly the right tone and I was really pleased to see so many of our guests enjoying your tales. After having spoken with several of our guests, the consensus was that even for those (like myself) who knew nothing about cricket, you were extremely entertaining and made us laugh out loud on more than one occasion. It was lovely to meet you and hopefully we'll meet at another event.