Working with Geoff

Working with such an internationally renowned former Test cricketer and National Selector as Geoff Miller OBE guarantees benefits for your company or brand. His achievements on and off the field stand the test of time and he is able to convey all of his experience, authority and knowledge to any kind of audience.

He is a highly sought after individual and the ideal choice for a variety of activities, including media work, motivational and after dinner speaking, Question & Answer sessions, auction hosting, awards ceremonies and brand endorsements.

Media Work

Geoff Miller OBE has almost 40 years of excellent media experience to his name and has worked closely with a diverse range of media channels and bodies. His passion for cricket will never die and, given his experience of Test cricket as an all-rounder and as National Selector, he knows both sides of the game like the back of his hand.

He is very well positioned for insightful interviews and other media appearances around significant events in cricket, and indeed other sports. Intelligent, experienced and charismatic, Geoff is a born communicator.

Q & A

Geoff has seen and done an enormous amount during both his time as a player and as a selector and has more than a few tales to tell. He is among the most engaging and knowledgeable sporting interviewees available and is incredibly open about how he sees the game of cricket and the world around him. Geoff has the wit and insight to deal with even the toughest questions and is never short of a well-informed opinion.